About Us

Original Group, is a global leader in the adult vacation industry. We active in the hotel sector, cruise industry, vacation clubs, real estate, docks offering paradise seekers unique experiences, in top destinations worldwide, that even the most demanding traveler cannot resist.


In the early years, Original Group’s principal segment was tourist properties, however today, the group has diversified to include hotel operations, as well as the sales and administration of its own vacation club. Original Group reported revenues of nearly $60 million USD in the fiscal year 2016.


Today Original Group, which was founded by Engineer Diego de la Peña Garcia in 1974, consists of 3 resorts (Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort, Desire Riviera Maya Resort and Temptation Cancun Resort) with a vast reserve of land for the expansion of tourism, operation and housing. Each of Original Group’s products provide the perfect atmosphere for travelers seeking to add a new dimension to their vacation. While each is characterized by its own individuality, common standards have been established, focusing on truly original, adult experiences.


Temptation Cancun Resort Certified Partner Program

When booking, look for Original Group's "Certified Partner's Badge".


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